I just came back from a mini trip to Bordeaux, which i always wanted to visit, and well, what an inspiring city! So many cool cafés & shops to discover, amazing bike rides along the quays, and awesome people to meet. Bordeaux, i'll definitely be back!
Always look up when visiting a new place...

Always look up when visiting a new place...

Kitchen garden

Kitchen garden


To start the day, go have a coffee at Café Kokomo, 14 rue Ravez

For a yummy veggie lunch, go to Kitchen Garden, 22 rue Sainte Colombe

If you've never tried a "black tonic" please do at Café Piha, 69 rue des Ayres

For a sweet treat in the afternoon please try Tata Yoyo's pastries, 53 rue Saint James


If you love photography & books, go to L'ascenseur végétal, 20 rue Bouquière

To buy your lover some flowers go to Amour de Fleurs, 40 rue Sainte Colombe

For some cool vintage shopping, try the Backstage Vintage Store, 14 rue Maucoudinat

If you're looking for the best tea in town, don't miss Tamatebako, 32 rue Saint James